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Friday, April 22, 2016

Diving in the National Park of Montecristi

National Park of Monte Cristi

Monte Cristi was the Spanish Crown's first natural port in America in the Colonial days, but also for hundreds of years it has been the virtual graveyard of shipwrecks that rest from past centuries in the fantastic coral reefs that has hidden this archeological treasures from human eyes for centuries.
Those extraordinary sites are authentic mausoleums waiting to be visited by new underwater explorers.
Monte Cristi is the mayor ancient shipwrecks graveyard in the Whole Caribbean Sea. More than 400 shipwrecks  from the Colonial days have been reported in this region, less than 50 have been located and successfully identified and excavated.
To witness these underwater museums is a lifetime  experience for true divers.

Montecristi Submarine National Park has an area of ​​180 km2 of marine area, is located on the northwest coast of the country in the Atlantic Ocean, we emphasize
its great underwater archaeological wealth as well as its great diversity in aquatic and underwater flora and fauna.
Enter in  this beautiful protected area and you can discover the incredible natural habitat of species such as the hawksbill turtles, manatees and dolphins.

Leaving by boat from the bay of Montecristi, we reached the barrier and most important coral ecosystem of the Dominican Republic, along with our team could make scuba diving, snorkeling, underwater expeditions and archaeological and even make your diving course with  PADI international certification.

  • Certified Divers ! 2 dives- From 95usd/ Pack 10-dives-From 450usd 
  • Discover Scuba Diving Course:1 confined water lesson / 1 OpenWaterDive  80usd 
  • Open Water Diver Course: 5 Confined water Dives / 4 open water Dives 395usd 
  • Advanced  Open Water diver Course 5 adventure open water  dives 365usd$
  • Rescue Diver Course 5 sessions 465usd 
  • Divemaster Course 595usd
  • Also available  CPR  Course ( First Aid ) 85usd
  • Special Offer Montecristi Reef Discovery , option " Snorkeling   25usd

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