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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How to choose your kite board ?

Few years ago kitesurfing started with directional surf-style boards. But soon the twintip has became more popular thanks to the freestyle and has invaded all the sports and shops.

Today the directional surf-style boards become more trendy again and are used on the waves with or without straps.

We will try to help you to understand how to choose your kiteboard. Don't hesitate to contact us for try our new Slingshot gear !

You must take into consideration your weight, your level and your program.
While chosing your board think about:

• The length : it is important for the accessibility, the cap, the directional stability, the flex and a big comfort for jump reception.
• The width: it is important for the accessibility, the floatation, bigger the board is slower it goes.
• The scoop : straigter the board is faster it goes, more « cap », faster it starts. More curve, more handy, more control in strong wind.
• The outline : more square and straight, less handy it is.
• The flex : the board must stay rigid to have good slide quality. Nevertheless a good flex at the extremities will bring more confort. All these depend on the construction materials.

The directional surf-style boards allow you to be more radical on the waves. The biggest can be used without straps on a light wind.
All the kiteboard companies offer now directional boards with a carbon finish. Others are made of wood, are more classical.

What sizes you need ?:

For 70 KG polyvalent all time all programs :
125-135 / 38-39

For 70 KG polyvalent Light wind all programs :
130-145 / 40-50

For 90 KG polyvalent all time all programs :
132-140 / 39-42

For 60 KG polyvalent all time all programs :
125-132 / 36-38

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