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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Scuba Diving in Pirate Territory !

Discover the underwater sites & history of La Hispaniola

The North Coast of Dominican Republic is a magnificent  area  between the regions  of Monte Cristi and Samana , is a dream location for Scuba Diving in this beautiful area of the Atlantic Ocean with water temperatures around 28°C , old region of Pirates, spread of reefs and ancient wrecks.
In pristine waters, come discover lots of dive sites and  different Islands with magnificent reefs and wrecks as beginner or certified diver with our team and its FunTrips.

Sosua, it is an excellent diving location in the North Coast due to its shallow waters and white sand bottoms ; divers can contemplate the spectacular tropical marine fauna with magnificent sponges,  groupers , porcupines fish, barracudas
Advanced divers may go in deeper waters and explore different reefs and ship wrecks.

  • The best diving sites in Sosua are:

The 3 Rocks
Three great bighead corals reefs  conform this area  with incredible amount of tropical fish and marine life.
Depth 5/15 meters

The Canyon
It is a reef wall divided in two, with relaxing and colorful submarine passages.
These walls go down to 48 feet and are full of magnificent sponges and seafans.
Depth 9/16 meters

The Zingara Wreck
In the year 1994 a small cargo ship with loading crane and tonnage was sank for divers. Doors and windows were taken away to give a safe dive. In this new habitat enormous goliath grouper, yellowtail snappers, lionfish and many other fishes did settle down.
The Zingara wreck, with its 45 meters harbors holds a peculiar reputation of surprising the divers. This place has an adjacent reef wall allowing some divers ascend from less deeper waters. This wall has a great variety of fan corals and sponges.
Depth 20/36 meters  

  • National Park of Monte Cristi
Monte Cristi was the Spanish Crown's first natural port in America in the Colonial days, but also for hundreds of years it has been the virtual graveyard of shipwrecks that rest from past centuries in the fantastic coral reefs that has hidden this archeological treasures from human eyes for centuries.
Those extraordinary sites are authentic mausoleums waiting to be visited by new underwater explorers.
Monte Cristi is the mayor ancient shipwrecks graveyard in the Whole Caribbean Sea. More than 400 shipwrecks  from the Colonial days have been reported in this region, less than 50 have been located and successfully identified and excavated.
To witness these underwater museums is a lifetime  experience for true divers.

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