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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Learn Kitesurfing in Monte Cristi

Coconut palms, white sand, warm water of the Caribbean, moderate wind around 20 knots but steady waves are pretty easy on a reef of 800 meters. This is what has made Cabarete a world-renowned spot.
A place where I fell in love .... In this small tourist town, along a 2 km range, regular trade winds blow here strengthened by a variety of thermal conditions for all levels.

And unlikely for the rest of the Caribbean, you will have the chance to compete with the young talents such as the Dominican kitesurfers Posito Martinez, Idani Capellan , the winner of the 2010 PKRA Ariel Corniel .. or even our world champion Jan Marcos Riveras

  • Cabarete and Montecristi is a great place to learn how to kitesurf. 
The wind rises gently between 11 am and 1 pm, then becomes progressively stronger throughout the day.
Mornings are perfect for the theory and practice on the beach before going out later in the day to practice on the water.
Kitesurfing is very easy to learn but it can also be very dangerous. The lessons are an absolute necessity. With all the professional instructors you will learn kitesurfing in Cabarete quickly and safely.

To learn how to navigate Kitesurf, it takes about 20 hours of training, that is to say 4 to 5 days of classes. Then it's like all disciplines, we do not have the same faculty of assimilation and learning. Some sail independently after 20 hours of training, others will continue to improve, either in school or alone, but will be careful!
The most important part of your training is to master the piloting of a tube kite (4 or 5 lines kite) safely and the use of all safety systems.

The danger and the main difficulties of the kite remain in the control of your kite (sail) and not in control of its board (accessory for sliding), which is secondary in the first phase of learning.

Navigation, jumping, going upwind, and independent slides all come on their own. You simply just spend time in the water.Visit our tips & tricks

  • Monte Cristi is the ideal spot for a fast progress.
Please keep in mind that Kite Surfing is an extreme sport with inherent risks and rules.
Complet information about Kiteboarding in Monte Cristi
Therefore, taking  kiteboarding lessons with us.
Happy Kite surfing ;)


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