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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to choose your kite?

First you have to ask yourself what is your level and what is your style?
Then you have to consider your weight and the wind speed. The kite you will use in Cabarete might not be suitable for the weather conditions in Europe, for example.


We can find five main types of kiteboarding kites:
  • C Kite
The first and original inflatable kitesurfing kite with square corners in a C-shaped arc when launched. The C Kite gets its shape from the kite lines, which are attached at the four corners of the kite. There are also 5 line kites.
  • Bow Kite
This kind of kite is one of the newest and the most popular on the market. Its defining characteristic is the shape of the trailing edge, which is concave with an almost flat look, when it flies. Sometimes it is called "flat kite" and its shape offers a near 100% depower and large wind range features.
  • Hybrid Kite
The Hybrid kite merge the benefits of the C Kite and the Bow Kite. There is a great number of Hybrid Kite variations and some are almost identical to its inspirational kites.
  • Supported Leading Edge (SLE) Kite
The Supported Leading Edge (SLE) is a kite that has bridles attached to its leading edge. Hybrid Kites and Bow Kites are both considered SLE kites because they have bridles.
  • Foil Kite
A Foil Kite doesn't have air bladders. It is made of open cells that breath air and inflate the kite.
Therefore, it can't get in the water and is usually used as a training beginner kite on the beach.

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