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Thursday, October 30, 2014

How to choose the size of your kite ?

- your kite should first of all suit your needs and be adjusted to your weight
- the beginners should know how to use the release system the "chicken loop" which is the front loop. It allows the power management of the kite by changing its inclination of the kite relative to the wind. The kite equipment enable you to reduce power or "depower".


- Choosing the right size: it is better to start to kite with steady winds (8 - 15nds).
Also you can try your futur slingshot kite with us !

The kite size should be chosen basing on your weight and the wind speed:

For C kites:                                              
- 50-60 Kg: 9-10 m²
- From 60 to 70 kg: 11 to 12 m²
- From 70 to 80 kg: 12 to 14 m²
- 80-90 Kg: 14 to 16 m²

For hybrid / flat kites:
- 50-60 Kg: 7-9 m²
- 60-70 Kg: 9-11 m²
- From 70 to 80 kg: 12 to 13 m²
- 80-90 Kg: 14 to 15 m²

Please note sizes are given for a beginner in 8 15nds

- All types of kite may suit, however, hybrid especially the flat will be the best in the strong wind.
- C shape kites are preferred by most of freestylers.
- The flat and hybrids have brought a revolution to completely manage the power of the kite that is why they are mostly used on the wave!
- The hybrid kites definitely.

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