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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Canyoning Rafting & waterfall Tours Cabarete

Are you looking for a great canyoneering experience in the Caribbean?

Well the North Coast of Dominican Republic offers you few of such advanced and challeging trips. 
You can choose the canyoning tour that best fits you. Try the wild adventure that will take you deep into the river valley, to places few have seen and even fewer have canyoneered, the rappels of up to 50m and breathtaking jumps of up to 20m! Incredible scenery and the adrenaline rush are guaranteed to make this the highlight of your holiday.

  •  27 waterfalls Damajagua
Enjoy a series of spectacular waterfalls with the rainforest canopy above you and crystal clear water below you'll feel your senses come alive as you experience natures perfect water park.

  •  Magic Mushroom
Canyoning differs to cascading in that it involves rappelling and is therefore slightly more technical and a little slower paced. Highlights of the Magic Mushroom include 2 rappels of up to 160 feet and exhilarating jumps of up to 25 feet into deep pools of crystal clear water. 

  • Rafting Jarabacoa
An exciting raft trip through the refreshing waters of the Yaque del Norte, the Caribbean's largest river, guided by a highly trained staff who will take you through fast and make up your adrenaline pumping.
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