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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rules and Safety Paddle Surfing

Put and adapted leash when you are practicing : it links the surfer’s foot and the board…surf’s leashes are usually not enough strong to manage SUP board inertia. 
They used to break really quickly releasing your board which becomes a danger for others, and swimming with a paddle is not so easy !

Going to the open sea, don’t paddle behind another paddle board and check regularly that no one is behind you. Otherwise, move on the left or on the right. Anticipation is the best way to avoid a collision

Priority rules in surf

Each person who glides on a wave using the energy of this one, is actually surfing so as to be considered as a surfer
Which means that includes, in natural order of  body surf evolution, bodyboard, kayak surf, skimboard, longboard, surf and SUP 

And surfing is respecting priorities rules of surf

Rule number 1 : one only surfer per each wave. The first one who’s in action on a wave has the priority all along the wave, either because he begins in the higher position or because he stood up before the others

For the SUP , one surfer in paddle board begins in stand up position so he’s considered on surf action as he glides using the energy of the wave. He don’t use anymore the paddle to propel himself on the wave

On the illustration, below, surfer A in green has priority on each case. On the illustration, surfers are ‘in surf action’ when they have 3 small lines in the wake of them, or ‘on move’ when they are paddling

If at the initial point of the take-off, right and left sides are both available, priority is for the first surfer to be in action. He could announce his choice saying ‘right’ or ‘left’ following the way he chose. Another surfer can then taking the same wave in opposite direction

One person in surf has the priority on a surfer who paddle on the way to the open sea . A surfer who come back to the higher place has to circle surf zone. 
If one surfer is on the way to another surfer’s path, he has to let the wider place he can to this surfer and has to paddle on foam direction. Anyway, the surfer who has the priority has to do whatever he can to avoid the collision .

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  1. You must wear a lifejacket at all times.
    You must carry at least one form of waterproof communications with you, this could be a cellphone in a drybag.

  2. This is useful information. Thanks for share

  3. My brother always don't feel comfort to wear a Life jacket, I try to understand him about it's importance but never listen my words. I also like surfing but basically I am a professional Longboard rider and love adventurous Downhill riding.


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