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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sup Cabarete Stand up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a relatively new paddling sport whereby the paddler stands up on a board similar to a surf board or a windsurf board. The paddler and the board are propelled across the top of the water by the use of a long single-bladed paddle.

Invented in the 60’s by Hawaiians’ beach boys from Honolulu to walk the tourists, the Stand Up Paddle Boarding has again  become ‘in fashion’ these recent years, through surfers as Laird Hamilton or Brian Keaulana

Standup paddling can be done in a variety of forms such as on flat water protected lakes to easy beach paddling, to open water paddling, and all the way  to surfing waves, even to practice yoga !
Here’s some of good reasons to get on board…

With adapted gear and conditions to learn paddle board cabarete ( small amount of wind and soft tiny waves ) it’s easy to take lots of waves in each session. 

So the development of the skills could be fast. But as surf spots are seldom unattended, and as a SUP board not well controlled could become a danger for yourself and the others, it’s necessary before starting to know security rules and priority.
Avoid SUP practicing on Encuentro Beach for your first try
SUP allowed you to surf some tiny waves of 30cm or huge waves of 4 meters and more. In these 2 cases, glide pleasure is there…

In the line- up, ( waiting zone after the rif) stand up position allowed you to see from far away waves coming and the paddle is helpful as it offers a really fast move and fatigue-free.
However, the set SUP + paddle could be really bulky and complicated to manage when the waves are huge

Tips for beginners :If you never used a SUP, do your first session on a flat water place. Take your time to familiarize yourself with the SUP: how to get on, how to manage stand up position, how to paddle straight … it’s easy to learn this and to take pleasure in a flat water area separated from the others for example ,Kite Beach Bay is an ideal place for that.
If you are impatient and if you want to surf immediately during your first session, choose a safe zone, with no swimmers or surfers, it would be really a pity to damage your really nice new  board  on the short board of a hot local….anyway the place for you is Cabarete Beach Bay !

THE BEST PLACE….one unique direction … STAND UP PADDLE BOARDING  SCHOOL …this school is managed by AUDREY MEYER and you could practice both in Cabarete Beach Bay and in Kite Beach .

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