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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Flights to Puerto Plata

Even if you can purchase almost anything here, bring your sunglasses, high SPF sun block, a hat and a long sleeve shirt. These are advisable for the warmest parts of the day...

As far as possible choose a direct flight for the airport of Puerto Plata (POP code). 

If you must however arrive by Santo Domingo, avoid remaining there and directly travel by a bus for Cabarete (Bus), or a taxi* (at least 3 or 4 people).

Information Taxi and Buses

  • All nationalities require a valid passport
  • Tourist Card must be purchased upon arrival at the airport. Currently the price is US $10.
You will have to pay an Airport Departure Tax about US $20.

When you arrive at the airport you will go through immigration and pick up any checked luggage in baggage claim. Once outside the airport you will find many young Dominican men eager to help you with your baggage who expect a tip. Two US dollars or 50 RD$ is a good tip
If you don't want to feel pressured to tip, you should insist that they not pick up your bags. 
Do not pay any money at customs.

Cabarete is about 20 minutes' drive from Puerto Plata Airport.
*For going to Cabarete in taxi you pay 35 usd$ dollars and 200 usd$ from Santo domingo

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From Europe
  • Condor to frankfort with routing from all Europe 
  • Air Europa from Madrid landing to Santo domingo
  • Jet Airfly  from Brussels landing to Santo Domingo
  • Arkefly from Amsterdam
  • Promovacances (FR) you can find Hotel + Flight for 1000 euros !
From USA
  • American Airlines
  • Jet Blue are he best airlines compagnies to flight to Puerto Plata or Santiago International Airport( POP). There are several flights daily. Ask your local Travel Agent if there are any Charter Airline flights available. Charter flights are available from many northern US cities in the winter season.
Jet Blue has the best New York (JFK) Puerto Plata flight.

From Canada

There are several airlines and charter airlines that fly non-stop to Puerto Plata International Airport.for exemple: 

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