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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cabarete Banks and Money Converter

The legal coin of the Dominican Republic is the
Dominican Peso, written RD$ (Stock Market code = DOP).

To obtain RD$ within Cabarete 

  • You can directly withdraw money with your credit card from ATM distributors, 
  • Or, with your credit card into Bank* and currency exchange offices (Agente de Cambio), or to change your cash in banks or currency exchange offices.
  •  Hotels and all services suppliers into Cabarete (Internet Coffee, rent a car, etc) can change your currencies, but with not really favorable exchange rates.
*Banks and currency exchange offices will require a valid passport for any operations.

This currency echange converter convert directly any amount in American or Canadian Dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc or British Sterling Pound to RD$ (Dominican Pesos). 
Just write amounts into the corresponding field of the converter.

Banks :

Banks apply the official exchange rates of Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana.
Currently there are 5 banks in Cabarete to change its currencies and to carry out all banking
operations (Each one also has ATM machines).
Business hours from 9 AM. to 6 PM. from Monday untill Friday, and from 9 to noon on Saturday.
  • Banco Popular - Tel : 809-571-0903 (Cabarete entrance while coming from Sosua)    
  • Banco de Progresso - Tel : 809-571-0621   
  • BHD - Tel : 809-571-0662 
  • Scotiabank - Tel : 809-571-0292 (Cabarete output while coming from Sosua) 
  • BanReservas - Tel : 809-571-9505 (Cabarete output while coming from Sosua)
Official currency exchange offices, at least give the best rates for direct cash exchange.

    Wally Agente de Cambio (open every days from 8 AM to 10 PM)

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