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Monday, July 14, 2014

Cabarete Kite Surf Pro Riders

The best kitesurfing hotspot not only in the Dominican Republic but of all the Caribbean is of course Cabarete.

This is a small village on the northern part of the island that is the mecca for kiteboarders year-round. Many pro riders can be found amongst the locals. 

Dominican kitesurfers possess incredible skills. Names like Robinson Hilario, Alex Soto, Ariel Corniel, Posito Martinez, Kelvin Corniel, Joselito del Rosario, Luis Alberto Cruz and the new talent Idani Capellan are famous in the kitesurfing world. 

These guys are the absolute masters of kites! They have their super skills in their blood as they train since early childhood. All kite tricks performed by these guys are breathtaking!!! 

If you love kiteboarding you should come to Cabarete and see their show live! 

And like the pro riders of Cabarete, join us for the next kiteboarding trips try the new slingshot gear and come back with amazing memories thanks to professional pictures.

you can find our photos in kite magazine !

Idani Capellan / wainman Hawaii

Ariel Corniel / Naish Kiteboarding

 Posito Martinez / Dasilva Kiteboarding

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