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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Punta Cana Kiteboarding ?

Most of the tourists coming to Dominican Republic choose Punta Cana, on the edge of the island in the middle of the Caribbean, to stay in an all-inclusive resort. Which means they don’t have to pay for drinks, or dinner, or think about activities or (really) think about anything at all.

For most of people (unfortunately) that’s the most blissful holiday they can have. What about making your holidays more active!?
Do you know what Dominican Island is really ideal for?? Well it's...kitesurfing!! 
You can start to learn this amazing sport also in Punta Cana and enjoy actively the rest of your "lazy" holiday.
We recommend you Kite Club Punta Cana, the first IKO Certified Kiteboarding School in Punta Cana, located on Playa Blanca. It’s the perfect place for Kiteboarding lessons on warm tropical blue waters and with steady trade winds. Just the wind is not always there, it's better to check the wind forecast before you plan your holiday. 
Or simply choose the Dominican kitesurfing paradise which is CABARETE situated on the North Coast of the island. 
You can't find better kitesurfing conditions! Strong wind, vast sand beaches with lagoon (Buen Hombre) and beautiful sun will make your holiday unforgettable ....and will make of you a kitesurfing addict! The next hear you will for sure start looking for an active and windy holiday instead of choosing only lying on the beach and drinking a delicious Mojito drink...

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  1. Fun trip with Teddy and OLivier is great...the best....you are never disappointed but proud to do it...


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