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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kiteboarding Right of Way Rules

Summer is approaching. More water sport fanatics will visit Cabarete soon so it is important to refresh the safety and priority rules on water! 
Before you go kitesurfing or windsurfing check this out just to know what to do, how to react in case of big traffic on water. And above all always remember to respect each other!

1) On the beach

The rider entering the water as right of way.

As the wind is sometimes gusty on land, the rider who is on the beach is the one more at risk, so he has the priority.

2) Crossing

When crossing, the rider leading with right hand as right of way.

When passing, the downwind rider must lower their kite
3) Overtaking

The rider going faster than another in the same direction must give way to the slowest rider. The one going faster is the one who has a global vision of the situation since he arrives from behind.
4) Waveriding

The rider surfing a wave has the right of way over the one who is jumping or going in the opposite direction: when surfing a wave, the kite is less easy to pilot so there is less room for manoeuvres.

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